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Mal-Wars was a college project in which we worked with a company to make a game that launched with their product CORE Engine. The game started as a clicker game but soon evolved into a tower defense clicker game. I was in charge of designing the enemies as well as programming their stats and ultimately balancing the game with wave management and lot of play testing


Enemies and Balancing



Balancing this game, while relatively easy on the engineering side, was a lot of fun, making sure the difficulty curve felt deserved and rewarding. Balancing came down to changing the stats (Health, Speed, Spawn Amount) playing the game and repeat.

When working in LUA and a brand-new engine, there were a lot of hiccups at first when it came to making the enemies. However, thanks to some innovative thinking from a classmate we were able to make these work-like enemies that were a collection of shapes strung together and following each other. 

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