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Witches House

Technical Art Project

FeelGoodInc (90).png

Solo Project : Melancholy Town

Work in Progress

This is my first Solo Project. This project was inspired by stealth games and post apocalyptic settings. You play as an orphaned boy escaping the city while avoiding the guards by using stealth to avoid their line of sight



  This was my second large project I worked on. This was also my first project that had a company behind it, CORE. I worked on designing the enemies and the enemy waves that went down the designated paths. Me and another designer worked on game testing, programming stats into the enemies, and balance so that the game has a nice progression curve.



The Lodge

Available on Steam

          This was my first big group project. A university team of 27 students pull together their talent and time to make this game. I worked on Designing and Engineering the player controller and monster. A Horror Game in which you run from both the fires and monsters of your past.

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